A $9 Neckcooler last for years
and is the same cost as a:

NeckCooler is a scarf about 36" long that has special crystals sewn within a sleeve that are activated by water. When the scarf is soaked for 30 minutes it will expand or swell up and hold the water used to cool your neck or head. Even in the sunlight this neck cooler will stay cool for two or three days. After a week of no soaking the crystals will evaporate back to the original starting point. You can re-soak this NeckCooler over and over again. You do not have to wait until the Neck Cooler is all the way evaporated before re-soaking. After two days if a lot has evaporated just re-soak for 2-3 min. and the NeckCooler is back ready for another several days of use.

The Neck Cooler is made of 100% cotton because it is being used by Fire Fighters in several locations across the country. There are over 19 Chiropractors (letters of reference here) so far that are using this NeckCooler in their practice for treatment of stress and headache relief.

This NeckCooler has also been used on our pets to calm them down when they get over heated. The product is totally safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic. Refrigeration is not needed or recommended.

Instructions For Use: 
Stress And Headache Relief

1. Shake to spread crystals.
2. Immerse in cold water 30-40 minutes
3. After 10 minutes, spread gel with fingers
4. Remove from water when NeckCooler looks & feels full
5. Lasts approximately two days
6. When needed, re-soak 1-3 minutes (don't soak too long)
7. Hand wash in Woolite (recommended)
8. Will return to crystals in about 1 week, store for later use
10. Non- toxic. Non-allergenic. Needs no refrigeration

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