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$9 Neckcoolers

Comic Books!!      Nascar Cards!!

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Updated 8/21/2019

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Comic Books!!
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Children LOVE their NeckCoolers!

NeckCoolers of one sort or another came on the market several years ago. Some looked like rags with poor sewing and a small amount of crystals or what ever they were using within them. There was a lady I was introduced to that was a great seamstress. She sewed a few NeckCoolers and they in turn were sold right away, A hobby turn business was off and running. Before long the Chiropractors I talked to were interested in these for their customers care.

The product can be used cold or warm. Several stores were also interested in the resale idea, as were campgrounds, backpacking and biking stores. Motorcycle groups were also among this group. But I think that you get the idea. Here is a good low priced, safe product that can be used in so many areas. So far we have had so many people say when using this product correctly, it just seems to last and last. This product also works in several factories across the country as a safety product.

When soaked and worn around the neck the coolness of the
NeckCoolers seem to keep some people from hurting themselves on the job. It is said that as long as you can either have something cool on your neck or on your wrist the whole body seems to feel calm. Fire Fighters: This product is now being used by several fire departments throughout the area as NeckCoolers that can be worn during or after a fire. NeckCoolers are made of 100% cotton so it can be worn when needed with no fear of melting. Hope you like the product and will tell your friends.

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(No Orders Shipped Outside the U.S.)

A $9 Neckcooler last for years
and is the same cost as a:


We are getting a lot of
calls from "MILITARY MOMS"
get your Neckcoolers TODAY!!!
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Every Day Special Price of $9.00 each! 
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Our NeckCoolers last 3-5 years with proper care and use!

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Buy American Made!

Made in the U.S.A.

 Waves Golf-Brown Darts Tennis Fancy 4 Buffalo Big Foot American Eagle Dogs
Flames I Flag Plenty Fish Turquoise Solid Brown Flags Blue Paisley Moon and Stars
Solid Black Baseball Football USA Yellow Flames Happy Cats Purple Buffalo Guitars Red Bandana Navy Blue
U.S. Army Marines Navy Chili Peppers Denim Black Paisley Horses
Basketball Yellow Fancy Rose Tennis Dark Green Pink Bandana Heroes Mint Green Royal Blue
Orange Motorcycle Gold Golf II Tropical Fish Puzzles Motorcyle Silver Peace Moon and Stars Hot Pink Tie Died
White My Notes Music New Blue Fireworks Old Jeans Zebra Large Soccer
Basketball 2 Tiger Flame Brown Stripe South Western Pottery Orange Flame Puppy Feet

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$9 NeckCoolers!!

Quality At Its Finest!
Did you know? Our NeckCoolers are hand made by a group of Ladies in a Church group.
We love our Quilting Ladies!


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